Unprecedented Graffiti Ideas–Christian Louboutin Loubitag Shoes Series in Spring & Summer,2018

“Open your eyes and open your mind… Don’t be too busy taking self-portraits!” The famous footwear designer Christian Louboutin creatively presents Christian Louboutin Loubitag Shoes Series in Spring & Summer,2018, showing his optimism,positiveness and unwillingness to compromise on life and work. This special series covers both men’s and women’s shoes and leather goods. It is adorned with special signatures, creative characters and messages from the designer, highlighting his spirit of fashion.

Christian Louboutin Moulin Noir overknee boots Loubitag

From Tokyo, New York, Berlin and even Dubai, the humorous and cheerful personality of the designer Christian Louboutin is unforgettable. He will actively interact with customers and carefully create a unique design for them.In his design, he adds not only his usual playful graffiti and lucky charms, but also the secret statement in the dialogue with his customers. The Loubitag series is like a first-time retention roster that brings together the brand’s 25-year-old design quintessence to showcase countless wonderful stories and rich emotions.

Christian Louboutin So Kate high heels Loubitag

Loubitag reveals the designer’s style and philosophy, affectionate eye patterns coupled with gorgeous sweet hearts, and appealing statements that appeal to everyone to stop taking selfies,these areflect his emphasis on both personal relationships and powerful unconstrained imagination. Christian uses silk, patent leather, nylon, and embossed leather to show off his creativity. He wears a bold, unconventional Moulin Noir overknee boots and white or black patent leather So Kate, while Jersey Vamp open-toed high heels and Lahore pointed flats are accompanied by ankle-straps made of scarves, which cleverly decorate the beautiful legs. The popular classic Louis men’s sneakers are also covered with black or white patent leather as the feature of Loubitag.

Christian Louboutin Jersey Vamp open-toed high heels Loubitag

Christian Louboutin Lahore Flat Pat Loubitag

Christian Louboutin Louis men’s sneakers Loubitag


Luxury Dream: Christian Louboutin 2018 Spring & Summer Series

Christian Louboutin, known for its red-soled shoes, has launched the latest Christian Louboutin 2018 spring & summer series. Christian Louboutin that has always brought a surprise is inspired by the gardens around the world, such as the Royal Astronomical Gardens in Jaipur and Shalimar,and Hidcote Manor Garden in Gloucestershire. Christian Louboutin 2018 spring & summer series blends in with the designer’s personal features and emotions, brings a new colorful garden-like creation that perfectly illustrates the brand’s attitude towards life and the love of communication between people.

In addition to drawing inspiration from numerous gardens, Christian Louboutin also uniquely pays tribute to Queen Mary. It is decorated with glittering sequins, embroidery and eye-catching printed bows in gorgeous hues, showing the exquisite craftsmanship of artisans and perfectly illustrating the luxury decoration style in 18th century. Designers also spend a lot of ingenuity on the material part, using a mixture of silk and patent leather, nylon and grained leather to present a vivid self.

The story-telling bright eyes, sweet and colorful hearts of the peaches, playful orders of no-selfies, Loubitag vividly appears on Christian Louboutin 2018 spring & summer series–bold and fearless overknee boots Moulin Noir, the classic funny So Kate, elegant and playful Lahore with straps,  casual and comfort Masteralta Donna Pat. Which pair of these shoes you will choose to stroll in spring and summer,2018?

Christian Louboutin Moulin Noir

Christian Louboutin So Kate

Christian Louboutin Lahore Flat Pat

Christian Louboutin Masteralta Donna Pat

Replica Christian Louboutin Pointed Flats Give Out More Charisma than High Heels Do

We are always looking for some single products that can make our images achieve more attraction, more admiring glances, and more charisma. It seems that most of the choices that meet these criteria will not be linked to comfort, but Christian Louboutin has found such a series of replica pointed flats that are suitable for wearing all year round. They brings more charisma and comfort absolutely than the “sky-high heels” do.

They are such a pair of pointed flats, which can be wildly used to match various occasions, you will often see: Karlie Kloss wears replica Christian Louboutin pointed flats collocated with the long dress; Japanese supermodel Chiharu Okunugi wears them to attend Dior activities; Including the major brands,their fashion blockbusters also have the figures of replica Christian Louboutin pointed flats, you will find them from 2018 early spring to 2018 early autumn. It is a trend that you can happily wear many seasons ,after then replica Christian Louboutin pointed flats are still fashionable.

Maybe you would say that they are all supermodels, wearing replica Christian Louboutin pointed flats is certainly good-looking for them. Then look at Emma Roberts, 157cm in height, and Sarah Mikaela, 152cm in height. They wear out of a mental aura of 180cm in height with replica Christian Louboutin pointed flats!

Therefore, whether it is tall or short, formal dress or daily outfit, replica Christian Louboutin pointed flats have contributed to an increase in the charisma, and make your collocation appear more advanced and stylish. To this end, we have summarized the following “zero mistakes” fashion styles and collocation rules:

  1. 100% Rate of Second Glance — Pointed Bow Flats, Christian Louboutin Lahore Flat Pat Loubitag

The bow-toe pointed flats are the hot favourites of this season. Compared to the classic bow styles of Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo, this year’s fashionistas and major brands especially Christian Louboutin have designed their bow size to be even bigger and become our key to be eye-catching.

The bow style of Christian Louboutin Lahore Flat Pat Loubitag, owns the most fresh color and bright saturation so that people who wear it will feel better in mood at once.

There are also cross-tied cloth shoes, which are more leg-on and more basic.

Christian Louboutin Lahore Flat Pat Loubitag

  1. Addictive like Opiates – Pointed Perspective Flats,Christian Louboutin Degrastrass Pvc Strass

Pointed perspective flats are like putting a layer of silk stockings on the toes. They are sexy and high-grade. Wearing them feels like walking barefoot on the road, but they give the wearer a kind of shyness to resist, and people can’t help but take more glances.

Christian Louboutin Degrastrass Pvc Strass

  1. Let Your Feet Become Childlike and Buddha-like — “Minnie” Pointed Flats (Asian favorite),Christian Louboutin Iriza Flat

In the Disney character, Minnie’s flat shoes always have a wide open form, and the width of the instep is like this. As a result, this pair of “Minnie Flats” called Christian Louboutin Iriza Flat were born. Jaime King wears this “Minnie Flats” and looks a bit like the “grandma shoes” style of the previous season, but there are more changes in the details, such as the pair of “V” toes and uppers. The extremely simple design adds a touch of “Buddhism” to her sense of fashion and increases her popularity dramatically. The wide upper design is very suitable for Asians. Previously when we were in the backstage, we heard of many girls complaining about shoes’ pinching. This pair of “Minnie shoes” will be able to satisfy you very well. If you want a more sense of design, you can make a fuss about the details, such as adding a strap.

Christian Louboutin Iriza Flat

  1. Lazy in French Style — Pointed Mules,Christian Louboutin Barry Mule

Pointed flat-bottom mules are the easiest to wear, and the exposed heel and advanced pointed style will make you reveal French elegance and sophistication collocated with no matter what styles of dressing. Whether it is in the fashion show or on the road to the fashion show, you can see Olivia Palermo and Karlie Kloss wearing these pointed Mules — Christian Louboutin Barry Mule.

Christian Louboutin Barry Mule

  1. Gentle Retro “Killer” – Pointed Mary Jane Shoes,Christian Louboutin Nosy Flat

If you are afraid that wearing pointed shoes appears too aggressive, you can choose to wear Mary Jane shoes style with a light and thin strap, such as Christian Louboutin Nosy Flat. The light and thin strap makes the pointed shoes look so gentle, retro and stylish. Jaime King, 175cm tall, appears a little more soft with Mary Jane shoes. For girls who are slightly petite, choosing a lighter style will be even more impressive.

Christian Louboutin Nosy Flat

  1. Classic Must-Haves — Pointed Angle-Strap Flats,Christian Louboutin Naseeba 000 Nappa

This kind of flat-shoe is the most classic and fashionable style among pointed shoes. A feminine shoelace is lightly hooked on the ankle. Especially when walking, the heel on the side is stunned and avoids falling.  Christian Louboutin Naseeba 000 Nappa launched from the previous quarters to the present, has been firmly in the “Stock List” in the top few, thin tip through the band extends the leg line, which is so smart and sexy.

Christian Louboutin Naseeba 000 Nappa

  1. Burst Out With Puberty Dream — Pointed Lace-ups,Christian Louboutin Hubertus Donna Flat

Pointed Lace-ups have two choices: thick straps and thin straps. Generally speaking, a finer style with thin straps will make the legs more delicate. The tangled ties with a touch of fantasy will be even more age-reducing, but the sharp-pointed gimmick will make this rich girlish flat even more avid.

Christian Louboutin Hubertus Donna Flat

5 Pairs of Christian Louboutin Flats + Dresses–Pointed Style Is So Fashionable

It is said that women need a pair of good high heels because it can take you anywhere. Then in the weather around 20 degrees of temperature, a pair of fashionable flat shoes will be able to walk you anywhere with elegance and comfort. Why do we call flat shoes “fairy shoes”? Because it is like a “fairy”, where you walk is full of fairyism, dreams, and beauty.

The temperature in the country has climbed to 20 degrees, and it is time for fashionistas to show off their ankles. Let’s look at a set of contrasts. All of them are dresses. What kind of shoes do you prefer to wear to collocate with these dresses? In this season’s selection of flat shoes, we have listed the following 5 types of Christian Louboutin Flats that are suitable for purchase. Now it’s just a good time to put it in the bag:

1.Mules slippers–Christian Louboutin Octavian Mula

Mules transform the style from the rough heels with the height of 5-7cm in the previous seasons, to the current flat-bottomed Mules slippers for the mainstream, we will see more Mules slippers in some street snaps. The simple style of the Mules’ heel, which is bare at the heel and not fully exposed at the front, retains the original retro tone and is more lazy, so Mules slippers are not suitable for commuting, but can be better managed.with casual clothing. Basically, Olivia Palermo will be photographed wearing the pair of Alberta Ferretti’s Mules slippers. As you can see in the pictures below, Mules slippers collocated with the design of off shoulders and hollow shoulders are very good at showing fashion, and they don’t appear too “over” in everyday life.

Christian Louboutin Octavian Mula,35mm Latte Patent

2.Loafers–Christian Louboutin Roller Boat Wom Suede

The transliteration “Loaf” refers to a leisure life style. The initial prototype was designed for men and was gradually applied to the shoes for women. Therefore, with the appearance of Loafers, you will find that they are all presented in two styles: casual or cool.

Most Loafers are based on the color of black, like this one of Gucci’s hugely popular and highly fashionable items. As casual style, casual short-sleeved, age-reduced jeans can both become its best foil. In terms of detail, the upper and square head with a buckle style will be more stylish.

Loafers is a single product that can appear in commuting clothes during the three seasons of spring, summer, and fall. Stepping on such a neat and neutral design of loafers, will give full play to the extreme for your capable and experienced style in work. Shoes, bags, jackets will increase the degree of attention if they share one same color.

Christian Louboutin Roller Boat Wom Suede,Multi/Silver AB Suede

3.Slotted Flats–Christian Louboutin Nosy Flat

Mules slippers and Slotted Flats are same as flat shoes, but Slotted Flats are more feminine and sexy than Mules slippers. As the most exposed style in flat shoes, a moderately wide upper placed on the back of the foot, is as comfortable and casual as the home, but reveals the most beautiful parts of the female’s foot: the toes, the instep and the ankle.

Because slotted flats are simple in design, they are the most versatile in terms of detail, such as the wave-like upper. If you do not wear slotted flats at all times and worry about the off-shoes, you may choose to the style which is to add straps on the vamp , and you can walk more comfortably.

This year, the bow upper is a flat-topped ornament with a very high rate of mirror decoration. It has a fashionable sense but is not casual. For Love & Lemons in early spring,2018.

Christian Louboutin Nosy Flat,Silver Glitter Version

4.Pumps–Christian Louboutin Ac Vieira Spike 000 Fishnet

Pumps generally refer to the insoles in the upper of the shoe. The shape of pumps is slightly different from that of other flat shoes, however, pumps are very all-matching. Most of them are based on solid colors, and there are occasional buckles and bows at the toe as embellishments. You see, Mrs Beckham, who has been in high heels for more than a dozen years, quietly put on this pair of comfortable pumps.

Neutral-colored outfits are stylishly embellished with a pair of bright pumps. In the material, in addition to cowhide, sheepskin, the satin material prevailing in these two seasons will be a delicate and advanced choice.

A pair of pumps exposed at the back, even if the whole body is a mix of dark-colored single products, will also make more with a trace of breathable, comfortable and relaxed.

Christian Louboutin Ac Vieira Spike 000 Fishnet,Latte/Light Gold Fishnet

5.Sneakers–Christian Louboutin Louis Junior St Strass

Of course, in the world of flat shoes, there is also the existence of sneakers. As the originator of the all-match style, you can take into account the participation of various styles, and you will not fall out of favor with the change of trend. It is a good hand to master and match the suits. In general, it would be better to wear black and white suits collocated with sneakers. The cowboy element of the holiday travel needs sneakers to increase comfort.

Christian Louboutin Louis Junior St Strass,Latte Version Strass

Christian Louboutin Ballet Shoes Are Also Slimming And Stylish With The Correct Collocation

Christian Louboutin ballet shoes always give people an elegant retro impression in the sweet appearance of literature and art, coupled with light and comfortable wearing.From France in the Middle Ages to the present day,ballet shoes are always indispensable for a girl with a love of beauty to express her attitude. It’s halfway through the season of spring,haven’t you got a pair of Christian Louboutin ballet shoes with both practicality and beauty?

Nowadays, Christian Louboutin ballet shoes are a frequent visitor to the street snap everyday. “Retro elegance” is no longer their inherent style.So here comes the question,how to choose a pair of Christian Louboutin ballet shoes that are changing with each passing day?

First, start from the classic models.

  1. Christian Louboutin ballet shoes in light nude color with round toes+ bows are the most common and classic styles. They don’t have too many decorative details. They are very light and easy to wear,and can match various styles of dress.You may go to the street as usual asKarlie Kloss, choose a comfortable white T-shirt with light-colored skinny jeans from the wardrobe. The light nude color is simple and clean, and also takes into account the sense of fashion,furthermore the most important thing is to moderately expose the ankle.

Christian Louboutin ballet shoes in light nude color

2.Christian Louboutin ballet shoes in dark nude color with soft, lightweight appearance will accidentally be overwhelmed which seems to be a cup to low. Therefore, the choice of trousers is particularly important. Overly wide trouser legs worn by ordinary people appear a feeling of heavy body with shallow root .

Christian Louboutin ballet shoes in dark nude color

3.Ankle-length straight-legged pants with a sense of straight line are a good partner for Christian Louboutin ballet shoes in ceramic nude color, and it’s easy to wear a sense of lightness and agility like this without striking a blow.

Christian Louboutin ballet shoes in ceramic nude color

Second, pointed shoes not only show stylishness, but also modify proportion of stature.

  1. Compared with the classic round head, Christian Louboutin pointed ballet shoes are less in the loveliness of a maiden, but they are more stylish and modern, making it easy and effortless to wear.The V-shaped lines on the pointed toe have the effect of stretching the calf. The shallowly exposed ankleand the large area of bare instep can also make the overall proportionscore more points. The girl who is 160cm tall can also look more upright and slim.

Christian Louboutin pointed ballet shoes,Degrastrass Pvc Strass

2.The general Christian Louboutin round-head, square-head ballet shoes will play a role in the cut-off blocking visually, so there will be some restrictions on the choice of bottoms, and the pointed ballet shoes basically match all kinds of bottoms.

Christian Louboutin round-head ballet shoes, Barry Mule 35mm Version Black Patent

Christian Louboutin square-head ballet shoes, Evening Sun Spikes 35mm Version Black Veal Velours

3.Christian Louboutin pointed ballet shoes in retro buckle style don’t have too much sense of burden visually, and are very elegant and romantic with elegant mid-length dresses.It has a stronger sense of style after adding buckles on the pointed ballet shoes.

Christian Louboutin pointed ballet shoes in retro buckle style, Suzanna Flat Black Veau Velours

They All Love “Red-Soled Shoes” – Christian Louboutin’s Classic Shoes

They are all die-hard fans for “red-soled shoes

Yes, you can’t see what shoes Blake Lively wears. However, we can tell you very responsibly that, the pregnant goddess is indeed stepping on So Kate of “red-soled shoes” in the nude color with a pair of 12 cm heels.
The black So Kate heels worn by Nicky Hilton are one of the most classic and best-selling shoes in the Louboutin family.
“Shoes mania” Carrie also could not resist the temptation of “red-soled shoes” in “Sex and the City”.
Taylor Swift is obsessed with platform high heels. This rose red “super high-heels” is exactly Louboutin Lady Peep.

Christian Louboutin’s Classic Shoes

1. Christian Louboutin So Kate

As we all know, Christian Louboutin’s brand with iconic and sexy”red bottom”was founded because Mr. Louboutin was inspired by the coadjutress’ bright red nail polish. So Kate can be described as the most “sexy” shoes in the Louboutin family. Every Hollywood actress almost owns at least one pair of So Kate. The So Kate style features a standard 12cm thin heel, a pointed toe,a thin sole, and a “provocative” curve; Its common materials include patent leather, matte leather, satin, snakeskin and rhinestone inlays, and its colors cover from the classic nude color ,the blacks color to any other riot of colors.

Christian Louboutin So Kate Nude Color Patent High Heels

Christian Louboutin So Kate Denim High Heels

2. Christian Louboutin Decollete 554
Decollete in French means being exposed, this pair of shoes can reveal the woman’s sexy instep, the toe is the same as So Kate, the extremely pointed toe can lengthen the leg lines, what is more,the feet will also appear more slender after you wear them. Two styles with heel heights of 8.5 and 10 cm are popular. The most classic Decollete with 10cm heels in nude color is in short supply, often out of stock.

Christian Louboutin Decollete 554 Painted Python Skin High Heels

Christian Louboutin Decollete 554 Siver Mirror High Heels
3. Christian Louboutin Iriza
Iriza hollows out the inner side of the shoes based on the design of Decollete . Mr. Louboutin humorously said that it was designed for women who “want to be more styling and not afraid of small exposures.” There are 4 kinds of heel heights:12, 10, 8.5, and 7 cm, and Iriza is available in various materials including leather, matte leather, and snakeskin. There are hand-painted patterns in addition to monochrome color.

Christian Louboutin Iriza Patent Leather High Heels

Christian Louboutin Iriza Suede High Heels
4. Christian Louboutin Pigalle
Pigalle was born in autumn and winter of 2004, and its name comes from Mr. Louboutin’s favorite block in Paris. Compared to the above-mentioned three shoes, the length of the Pigalle’s toe is slightly shorter, the shape is rounded, and the heel is slightly heavier. Pigalle has extended two “sub-series” due to its popularity. The first is the Pigalle Plato, a combination of height and comfort, with a thin waterproof platform; the second is the riveted Pigalle Spikes which is full of individuality.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Nude Color Patent High Heels

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Multicolor High Heels

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes Leather High Heels
5. Christian Louboutin Lady Peep & Very Prive
Lady Peep’s ultra-thin high heel of 15 cm will make most women discouraged, but because there is a 5 cm waterproof platform as a buffer, increased comfort at the same time can still be taken into account. In addition, the design of piscine-mouth shape on the toe cap is slightly sexy and can also relieve toe pressure. Very Prive is also one of the classic fish head shoes in the Louboutin family. The height of the heel is 12 cm, which makes it more comfortable to wear. Mr. Louboutin believes that “every fashionista needs a pair of Very Prive”. Its glossy patent leather material is popular; in addition to the classic nude, white and black colors, there are many bright colors to choose from. The New Very Prive style adds more modern design elements such as leopard prints and gradients.

Christian Louboutin New Very Prive Gradient Patent High Heels

Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Classic Nude Color High Heels