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Unprecedented Graffiti Ideas–Christian Louboutin Loubitag Shoes Series in Spring & Summer,2018

“Open your eyes and open your mind… Don’t be too busy taking self-portraits!” The famous footwear designer Christian Louboutin creatively presents Christian Louboutin Loubitag Shoes Series in Spring & Summer,2018, showing his optimism,positiveness and unwillingness to compromise on life and work. This special series covers both men’s and women’s shoes and leather goods. It is adorned with special signatures, creative characters and messages from the designer, highlighting his spirit of fashion.

Christian Louboutin Moulin Noir overknee boots Loubitag

From Tokyo, New York, Berlin and even Dubai, the humorous and cheerful personality of the designer Christian Louboutin is unforgettable. He will actively interact with customers and carefully create a unique design for them.In his design, he adds not only his usual playful graffiti and lucky charms, but also the secret statement in the dialogue with his customers. The Loubitag series is like a first-time retention roster that brings together the brand’s 25-year-old design quintessence to showcase countless wonderful stories and rich emotions.

Christian Louboutin So Kate high heels Loubitag

Loubitag reveals the designer’s style and philosophy, affectionate eye patterns coupled with gorgeous sweet hearts, and appealing statements that appeal to everyone to stop taking selfies,these areflect his emphasis on both personal relationships and powerful unconstrained imagination. Christian uses silk, patent leather, nylon, and embossed leather to show off his creativity. He wears a bold, unconventional Moulin Noir overknee boots and white or black patent leather So Kate, while Jersey Vamp open-toed high heels and Lahore pointed flats are accompanied by ankle-straps made of scarves, which cleverly decorate the beautiful legs. The popular classic Louis men’s sneakers are also covered with black or white patent leather as the feature of Loubitag.

Christian Louboutin Jersey Vamp open-toed high heels Loubitag

Christian Louboutin Lahore Flat Pat Loubitag

Christian Louboutin Louis men’s sneakers Loubitag