“christian louboutin” interpretation of the new fashion footwear hat transboundary

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The evening of 25 August 2010, the famous fashion footwear brand christian louboutin grand staged its F / W 2016 was the theme of the new conference in Shanghai Bund landmark Waldorf Astoria Hotel 2 – “uk louboutins shoes“. The conference, Schristian louboutin is invited to the Royal Queen hat designer, together to create the latest fashion footwear hat uk christian louboutin wedding shoes series, fashion “cross-border” is once again a high-profile interpretation. That night, many fashion ladies and the actress was invited to attend an international movie star Li Bingbing, Hong Kong supermodel music-based children come to view the show. Meanwhile, Mixed supermodel Jessica C and Mandy lieu big show T station, elegant showcase uk christain louboutin infinite style.
Bund International Architecture witnessed the evolution of the bustling city of Shanghai, with a centuries-old Bund 2 still retains its retro style neo-classical building. At the moment, young fashion christian louboutin landed in this classic and elegant architecture, the fashion story will explain.

British retro-style second floor of the library at the moment is playing a mysterious space Smart, elegant shoes and replica christian loubitin creativity, elegance dotted with magical world, Star Smart, endless. Show, vintage chandelier exudes elegant light, modern dance silver mirror reflection christian louboutin T station shoes, extravagant Korea and winter snow glistening autumn leaves render the entire show. Models like the forest elves, from autumn to winter romantic walk mystery. “replica shoes christian louboutin“: both a modern extreme christian louboutin shoes will light up the night: “replica christian louboutin booties” and “replica christian louboutin bianca” two series have appeared to the audience to whom beautiful brilliant. Inspired by various elements of the mix, fur, flash sheet metal, rivets in the collision; from classical to avant-garde, from the tough and lovely, the girl narrated christian louboutin wonderful life. “replica louboutin outlet” dotted the night of beauty, “replica christian louboutin shoes uk” let your toes around the corner.

Supermodel and star debut is set off a climax the audience, Hong Kong supermodel music-based children perfect debut, modern interpretation of the christian louboutin youth; internationally famous movie star Miss Li Bingbing will christian louboutin shoes elegance to release the head.
Sexy hot dance show opened the curtain, then christian louboutin autumn and winter shoes charm debut, seven of which shoes are a worthy complement each other with EMILY London milliner match. This is the Royal Queen hat designer in this season of surprises and of cross-border cooperation christian louboutin. This is known as “hat magician” fashion designer hat Art Fun extreme, in line with christian louboutin season whimsy, design the world’s unique christian louboutin boots series.

Waves of applause, designer boarded the T station and on-site guests to share their inspiration and source of creativity. Meanwhile, Hong Kong supermodel Jessica C as the finale of the main mold giant head milliner came slowly, a fine cheap louboutin high heels both shoes will gradually rise, this section is also the designer shoes designed specifically for christian louboutin decorative shoes, shoes the perfect combination of the cap again, showing the new fashion. Subsequently, at the invitation of the designer, elegant film star Li Bingbing on stage and accepted the designers selected for the uk christian shoes leopard wedges. After Hong Kong supermodel music-based children being kind to invite designers to debut the T station, and sent uk laboutin red bow boots. Sweet image of music-based children, the women’s modern fashion christian louboutin full display, instantaneous uproar audience.

It is reported that uk cheap louboutins limited edition series is scheduled to play in the major shops for sale recently.

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