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This year’s Super fire christian louboutin replica strappy shoes how to choose where to buy how to take (Ⅰ)

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christian louboutin replica shoes how the United States? Perhaps only through the experience of people there. Slim ankle strap winding, sometimes luxuriant elegance, sometimes exudes a sexy atmosphere. Strap shoes a bit like lace skirt, so that women love but not dare to try. Different how to pick the right leg strap shoes? Strap shoes to match? Where to buy a street shooting in those fashionable strap shoes? This article answers all your questions.

Why this year was a pair of strap shoes

One reason: strap shoes this year too must fire VVON gotta talk to you — replica christian louboutin

Whether Fashion Week street shooting star or daily outfit, you will find a pair of shoes photographed high – goes without saying it? Is the strap shoes. As 2016 Must-have must-haves, from Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Palermo, Rihanna to Karlie Kloss, all the stars are scrambling to supermodel photographed wearing. Do not blame us did not warn you, they wore (indicating sell-off), what are you waiting?





Queen Street Anna Dello Russo (Please ignore her loose skin, paying attention to the shoes) once during fashion week, with the same dual-strap shoes with four modeling. You see, strap shoes is so addictive.



Two reasons: one pair of strap shoes propped up a modeling —- cheap christian louboutin UK

University of Kansas study showed that two women first met, the first time to look at the shoes. China has an old saying: poor half feet without shoes. Here that a good pair of shoes reflect a person’s status to pull away, but it highlights a woman’s taste, but also can become the core of your style. Compared to simple basic models, the unique design strap shoes is impressive. Tell us, they wear the strap shoes have not attracted your attention?



Fashion blogger Aimee Song This minimalist body shape, the design is simple, sober colors, a pair of printed strap shoes suddenly makes us feel “her charming good today.”


Wear strap shoes with a neutral fashion style is smart choice. Australian fashion blogger Margaret Zhang body, sexy sultry strap shoes soften the masculine blazer, the whole modeling simple and elegant and feminine.