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“uk christian louboutin”, Christian Louboutin latest series fur boots

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Footwear image Christian Louboutin distinctive, has been embraced by women. The recent launch of the brand fur series, intimate and extremely sexy fur for the brand classic shoes sexy charm interpretation more thoroughly.

Designed by the creative director Christian Louboutin 2016 autumn and winter series, “uk christian louboutin schuhe” as the theme. With fur with a soft sash decorated inlaid leather, creating a visible sense of touch was gorgeous, made chic, elegant young heeled heels, Christian Louboutin footwear is so fascinating.
Boots to keep pace with the lines cut legs, long thin band wrapped liner staggered, there are knee and knee-length styles to choose from. Lined with rabbit fur, comfortable apart, so that each were walking exudes a sexy atmosphere. Every detail is extraordinary craft the perfect interpretation.

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